GAIA Insights was established in January 2012 by founder and Managing Director Martina Mangelsdorf.

Martina is a dedicated Human Resources professional with more than a decade experience in Staffing, Talent Management and Leadership Development. Her functional expertise was built in small niche firms as well as in large multinational corporations such as DuPont and Novartis, where she held different positions of increasing responsibility. Most recently, Martina was Head of Talent Management and Staffing for region Latin America with Novartis Pharmaceuticals, based in the United States. She is the author of the German books "30 Minuten Generation Y" (Gabal Verlag 2014) and "Warum sollte ich für Sie arbeiten?" (Campus Verlag 2015).

Having lived in five countries and worked or travelled in over 50, Martina embraces life as a truly global citizen. She was fortunate to see a lot of the planet’s diversity and benefit from inspiring encounters when, in her late 20’s, she fulfilled her childhood dream of backpacking around the world solo. This life changing experience shaped her view of human nature and led her to infuse her newfound insights into corporate talent management.

Martina has always been fascinated with the personal development process and its impact on expanding potential. Specifically, she is intrigued by the role memorable experiences play in that process, serving to reconnect individuals with their own true sense of purpose. Influenced by the principles of gamification and positive psychology, Martina has developed energizing concepts which initiate positive behavioral change and result in sustainable leadership qualities that drive business.

Realizing how corporations of all industries struggle to engage their next generation of leaders, Martina brought together her passions for people, the planet and for expanding potential by founding GAIA Insights.

On occasion, Martina may choose to collaborate with a partner from her extensive network of qualified consultants and subject matter experts.

Most recently, GAIA Insights formed a new partnership with event agency Authentic Escape, a specialist provider for tailor-made corporate events around the world. Their motto "Disconnect. Reconnect." is a great expression of the values we share: ethical responsibility and an active contribution to sustainable development by honoring authentic local properties with a great tradition that inspire creativity and collaboration. Authentic Escape offers fantastic alternatives to classic meeting venues in anonymous chain hotels and business centres.

In 2014, GAIA Insights became the first European-based license holder for Actionable Workshops!  Turning ideas from top business books into conversations & action plans, Actionable Workshops are offered by Actionable Books and we are proud to act as their European representative. Actionable Books also offers 550+ free business book summaries with personality. Insights you can apply in minutes - we love it!

Since 2013, GAIA Insights supports The Denovati Group. The Denovati are Digital Era explorers, pathfinders, and pioneers who seek to understand and effectively leverage social and digital technologies. The Denovati Group enhances the success of individuals and organizations in the Digital Era through an alliance that provides thought leadership and guidance, research, consulting and training services, and a professional community that fosters the sharing of information and best practices.

GAIA Insights is a member of the OpenPloyer expert network. OpenPloyer is a community that acts as a portal and hub, helping to connect corporations with niche providers of innovative HR solutions. OpenPloyer covers the complete career lifecycle in Human Capital Management and advises small, medium and large companies how to increase their workforce efficiency.



Founder & Managing Director:
Martina Mangelsdorf

  • Multilingual global citizen with successful corporate track record
  • Adventurous free spirit and travel bug, inspired by diversity and exploring new horizons
  • Passionate about helping people find their purpose and live up to their full potential 


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