GAIA Insights was established in 2012 by founder and Managing Director Martina Mangelsdorf. Since then, the company has grown into a unique network of partners, each one of them an expert in their respective field. By now we are a small, yet truly global organization:

  • Our Team consists of eight committed core members spread across three continents
  • Our Coaches are specialized in various methods, tools and speak 12 languages - still counting!
  • Our Partners include world-class providers of various services linked to leadership development

At GAIA Insights, we see ourselves as the conductor of a wonderful orchestra, always bringing together the right experts to cater to your project, aspirations and budget.

Martina Mangelsdorf is a dedicated Human Resources professional with more than a decade experience in Staffing, Talent Management and Leadership Development. Her functional expertise was built in small niche firms as well as in large multinationals such as DuPont and Novartis, where she held different positions of increasing responsibility. Her last corporate role was Head of Talent Management and Staffing for region Latin America with Novartis Pharmaceuticals, based in the United States. She is the author of three German books available on Amazon.

Having lived in five countries and worked or travelled in over 60, Martina embraces life as a truly global citizen. She was fortunate to see a lot of the planet’s diversity and benefit from inspiring encounters when, in her late 20’s, she fulfilled her childhood dream of backpacking around the world solo. This life changing adventure shaped her view of human nature and highlighted the role memorable experiences play in people's development process. Realizing how corporations of all industries struggle to engage their next generation of leaders, Martina infused her newfound insights into corporate talent management by founding GAIA Insights.



Founder & Managing Director:
Martina Mangelsdorf





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