GAIA Insights is all about getting the next generation of talent to contribute to your bottom line. Largely comprising of individuals born between 1980 and 1995, Generation Y represents an increasing share of the global workforce – some forecasts project as much as 75% by 2025.

We are here to help you ENGAGE – DEVELOP – RETAIN Generation Y talent.

GAIA Insights is the right partner for you if you want to:

    • develop an employer value proposition that resonates with Generation Y talent and keeps them engaged, both short- and long-term
    • design attractive onboarding schemes, career paths and reward systems that turn new hires into highly motivated employees with the intention to stay
    • get your junior talent "business ready" – not only the cream of the crop but everyone across the board
    • optimize team performance of multi-generational work groups to improve their effectiveness, communication and productivity
    • learn about multi-generational workforce management and how to leverage the strengths different generations bring to the table
    • develop your managers' coaching skills and enhance their ability to grow future leaders in your organization
    • accelerate the development of your Gen Y talent's leadership capabilities beyond technical skills
    • Position your organization  as an employer of choice and align Gen Y's desire for constant challenge with your business needs

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    In today’s variable landscape of consulting and leadership development offerings, corporations still struggle with putting effective engagement strategies and tactics in place that are tailored to a very specific target group – Generation Y. Traditional interventions, usually designed by older generations for their own workforce peers, do not sufficiently address "Gen Y" needs. Successfully attracting, retaining and developing the ever-growing Gen Y talent pool means speaking their language and truly understanding their generational attributes and values.

    At GAIA Insights, all engagement objectives are addressed in a manner that appeals to Gen Y. We carefully engineer our interventions according to GOLD™ – Game Oriented Leadership Development – our trademark technique. This cutting-edge methodology hits the mark of Gen Y with their fun-loving and socializing attitude, constantly seeking self-expression and emotional engagement. Catering to their specific generational values, all engagement interventions designed by GAIA Insights fulfill our rigorous GOLD™ criteria, offering memorable experiences, transformational insights and instant gratification.

    Being a small boutique firm allows us to be extremely flexible and fast in adapting our ideas to your requirements. In other words, we can make our programs as sophisticated or as simple as you want them. If we made you curious about our services, why not give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations? Let us be your Gen Y guide and help you turn your Generation Y talent into purposeful leaders who will have a powerful impact on your corporate culture and on your business profits!