These are examples of projects our expert team was hired for:

#1) HR Support for Company Spin-off

In 2012, a Swiss-based company in the pharmaceutical industry decided to restructure parts of its business which resulted in the closure of an R&D department in the organization. The client considered to invest in a potential spin-off which would have turned the closed department into an independent new company. As the initial assessment of the idea was promising, GAIA Insights was contracted to manage the preparation for this new start-up from a Human Resources perspective. For the duration of three months, GAIA Insights led a small workstream team in charge of designing a project plan, defining deliverables and milestones, determining necessary resources and identifying potential roadblocks, along with drafting plans how to mitigate/eliminate them. Under Martina’s well-structured guidance and coordination the group designed the new organization in line with the business plan, produced role profiles for various positions, developed a staffing strategy, drafted HR policies and a compensation and benefits framework, lined up potential vendors and created the Vision, Mission and Core Values for the spin-off. While the project was re-assessed and eventually cancelled, GAIA Insights' contribution to it was much appreciated.

"Martina has a high energy, results oriented focus, and delivered strongly for the project we engaged her for. She is very collaborative, while at the same time being very driven to ensure she is adds value. I found her contribution to be significant, and I would highly recommend her for future projects in the HR / people development field."

- Executive Director, HR Partner  in charge

#2) Editing of a new HR Manual

In 2013, a global pharmaceutical corporation consolidated the regional headquarter for its Latin American operations by merging three different legal entities into one. As a results, the Human Resources policies of the original three divisions had to be consolidated, too. The objective was to produce an HR Manual with ready-to-implement guidelines for all areas that would be accepted by Corporate Audit and the three regional HR Directors alike. GAIA Insights was contracted for this assignment after another vendor did not produce the desired quality outcome. Our tasks included screening more than a hundred HR documents, comparing policies, recommending a united approach, proactively aligning key stakeholders and producing a thorough handbook from scratch. Attention to detail as well as maintaining a conceptual perspective were key to successfully editing this HR Manual for the new legal entity.

“Excellent and very well done! I really appreciate your fast and active role in this process.”

- Vice President & Head Human Resources, Region Latin America & Canada

#3) Generations Guide Brochure

In this ongoing project, GAIA Insights is supporting the Global Diversity & Inclusions department of a pharmaceutical organization in the production of a new brochure on collaboration across generations. The project includes researching and editing appropriate content in line with the client's business strategy.  GAIA Insights is contracted to outline the four generations in the workplace and to describe each of them with regards to their workplace habits and preferences. Looking at specific areas, such as the work environment, communication, development and recognition, the guide provides the reader with real-life case scenarios, "how to" advice and plenty of practical tips for managers and employees. It also links the companies values and behaviors to each generation, helping them to understand how they might interpret them differently and collaborate more effectively. The project is expected to be completed during 2015.



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Project: HR planning for organizational spin-off as new start-up company

Location: Basel, Switzerland

"I found GAIA Insights' contribution to be significant." - Executive Director, HR Partner in charge




Project: Editing new HR Manual after merging three different legal entities

Location: Miami, USA (100% remote delivery)

"Excellent and very well done!" - Vice President & Head Human Resources, Region Latin America & Canada



Project: Generations Guide Brochure

Client: Global Diversity & Inclusions Group

Currently ongoing.