Selection of webinars we hosted:

"Inclusion of Multiple Generations in the Workplace (and how to engage them)"
Webinar sponsored by Make me Fly!

With up to 5 generations working side by side in today's workplace, engaging multi-generational teams can be quite a challenge. In this webinar, offered in collaboration with Elsewhere Consulting - Make me Fly!, we took a closer look at the different generations and their typical characteristics and attributes. We analysed their generational communication preferences and value sets to get a better understanding of their engagement drivers. Participants learned:

  • Why generational intelligence is business critical
  • What typical values and attributes characterize Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Yers
  • How to crack the engagement code of different generations

    "Why Gen Y Is Perfectly Suited To Be Intrapreneurs - Or Not"
    Webinar sponsored by is a global community of young change makers whose mission it is to leave a positive footprint by making the world a better place. offers an online training program for intrapreneurs and GAIA Insights was invited to help kick off the course. Participants joined our session from Europe, the US, India and Australia to learn about:

    • the typical values and attributes of Generation Y
    • the 21 skills of successful intrapreneurs
    • practical tips and tricks to develop key skills

    "How to Lead Different Generations – Are You Ready for Generation Y?"
    Webinar sponsored by ICEDR

    The International Consortium for Executive Development Research is a partnership-driven alliance of leading global corporations and exemplary business schools developing talent around the globe. As part of their efforts to engage organizations in an innovative exchange on global talent management, leadership development and enterprise-wide change, GAIA Insights was invited to speak about cross-generational Leadership. A record registration of 200 participants from 27 countries was an impressive evidence that generational intelligence is a hot topic of interest around the world! Participants learned:

    • Why it is crucial to get ready for Generation Y now
    • What attributes characterize Baby Boomers, Generation X and Gen Y
    • How Gen Y wants to be led, hired and developed
    • How to reframe Gen Y stereotypes into valuable business skills
    • What is essential in preparing your organization for Generation Y

    "Are You Ready For Gen Y?"
    Webinar sponsored by

    For this webinar invited business leaders, people managers, HR professionals, and anyone interested in enhancing their understanding of Gen Y talent, to dial in.  GAIA Insights shared how Generation Y impacts the working world, focusing on five specific areas:

    • Work Place & Environment
    • Expectations & Motivation
    • Leadership & Communication
    • Attraction & Hiring
    • Training & Development

    "Effective Interviewing Skills"
    Webinar sponsored by

    This webinar was part of an online event for Careers in Global Healthcare hosted by The webinar was attended by 60+ MBA graduates from 15 countries, representing a selection of the finest business schools around the world. Many of the participants took the opportunity to engage in a lively Q&A session following our presentation. As time ran out, we spontaneously added a two-hour 1:1 chat the following day to be able to answer more questions and chat with people individually who had specific questions about their resume or career aspirations. When even that was not sufficient to address everyone's questions, additional Skype coaching sessions were held with a handful of candidates.



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    Thanks for the webinar! Excellent as usual.

    Interesting webinar with lots of info. Thanks!

    Great webinar and I really loved how you approached the subject.



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