Our Philosophy

GAIA Insights leadership development programs are based on very specific principles:

  • Exploring boundaries and challenging them - within the organization and within oneself - lead to greater awareness and insights
  • Experiential action learning turns awareness and insights into actual behavior changes beyond intellectual processing, while producing an emotional experience
  • Emotional experiences create memory anchors with a long-lasting effect, enabling sustainable results both for the individual and for the business

In order to achieve this goal, each intervention is carefully designed and engineered in response to your specific challenges.

Our Approach

Many companies struggle to measure the impact of developmental activities, which is why GAIA Insights puts specific emphasis on a four-step approach:

  1. Diagnosis – Needs’ analysis and identification of organizational challenges
  2. Design – Customized development intervention in line with the agreed objectives
  3. Delivery – Program facilitation by highly qualified experts to exceed customer expectations
  4. Debrief – Review of key performance indicators and follow-up actions

By applying this D4 approach, GAIA Insights adds value to your organization, first by providing the actual development intervention, and second by the pre- and post-intervention insights. A thorough diagnosis and follow-up are an integral part of our services.

Our Trademark Methodology

We engineer our interventions according to GOLD™ – Game Oriented Leadership Development – our trademark technique in leadership development. This cutting-edge methodology hits the mark of Gen Y with their fun-loving and socializing attitude, constantly seeking self-expression and emotional engagement. Catering to their specific generational values, all leadership development interventions designed by GAIA Insights fulfill our rigorous GOLD™ criteria, offering memorable experiences, transformational insights and instant gratification.

How is that different from other market players?

We’d like to say you’ll know it when you see it, since it is difficult to put into words the transformation we have seen with the participants of our interventions. However, what we CAN say is that we take our Gen Y attendees through a deep emotional journey which is both engaging and insightful. Interactive elements such as surprises and games in combination with deep reflection and meaningful feedback sessions play a major role in our trademark intervention designs. And if you are STILL asking how that is different from other programs, let’s just say that we always add that very special GAIA Insights flavor to everything we do… and who would be better suited to attest to that than some of our alumni? Check out their comments on the right!



Click here to see how a GAIA Insights intervention might look like.

Like what you see? Then get in touch with us and together we’ll create a unique intervention that meets YOUR needs and addresses the development goals your organization wants to achieve for your Gen Y talent.

"Great experience. I learned a LOT!"

"I feel so grateful to be here."

"I take this experience with great learnings and reflections, which I know will help me become a better professional."

“I feel so comfortable with the methodology because it was a 30:70 mix between theory and practice.”

"I cannot wait for other workshops like this!"


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