At GAIA Insights, we are a bunch of energetic, committed individuals, each of us an expert in their field, whether it is learning design, training facilitation, program coordination or event management. The fact that we are predominantly female is pure coincidence, the fact that we are spread across three continents is not!

Not only do we speak four different native languages, we also pride ourselves in many diverse backgrounds - professionally, geographically and culturally. Having a combined 100 years of experience in various industries, fields and organizations, we all bring our best game to the table, depending on what's needed for your project or program to succeed. In the end, it is the passion that unites us: Passion for driving excellent outcomes and producing outstanding results.


Martina Mangelsdorf

Chief Engagement Officer

  • Martina's passion for people living up to their full potential led her to innovate the Gen Y leadership development space
  • She combines a successful corporate track record with an adventurous spirit, having travelled the world to explore new horizons
  • Whether she is speaking in front of a professional audience, acting on stage or directing youth musicals, Martina shines in the spotlight


Manuela Baier

Creative Chaos Navigator

  • Manuela turns creative ideas into actionable plans and says  project management is like a puzzle or playing tetris - her eagle eye is legendary
  • With a background in coaching, Manuela likes to explore different angles and to inspire new ways of thinking 
  • She is energized by people and challenges and takes off to recharge her batteries in the Austrian mountains with family and friends 


Marianne Isaia

Event Management Jedi

  • Marianne and her team create unique experiences at inspiring and authentic venues around the world
  • She organizes events from A to Z, all the way from flawless logistics and a caring touch to impactful moments that (re)energize participants
  • After an event organized by Marianne, you never want to go anywhere without her anymore; her motto is "Disconnect. Reconnect." - and it works!


Annette Daiber

Key Account Champion

  • Annette is our "face to the customer" establishing long lasting client partnerships and creating customized solutions 
  • Her HR consulting experience as well as her academic background in pedagogics with a focus on adult education and training/coaching are valuable skills in her toolbox
  • Living in the heart of the Rheinland-Area, she is fond of the open-minded mentality that reflects her personality


    Marieluise Maiwald

    Sparkling Facilitator Extraordinaire United Kingdom

    • Marieluise's background is multinational and well-rounded, having lived in Germany, the US, France, Switzerland and now the UK
    • She started her career in Management Consulting but moved quickly into Leadership Development for Novartis, Google and now Duke Corporate Education
    • Since she was four, Marieluise wanted to be a princess and is living this dream by frequenting balls all over Europe


    Jurjen Knoester

    Marvellous Program Mentor

    • Jurjen excels in team trainings and one-on-one mentoring of talented individuals who are prepared to embark on a serious development journey
    • His sensitive facilitation and creative signature skill - a.k.a. doodling - make him an invaluable ingredient of our flagship program "Aspire"
    • Whether you find yourself sword fighting or outdoor cooking, Jurjen is the mentor you want by your side - all the way and beyond


    Katie Carano


    • Katie enjoys drawing from her diverse professional experience with global clients and mixing it with her personal strengths to deliver top-notch service
    • Energetic, flexible and detail-oriented with a strong background in project management, Katie brings integrity, timeliness and diligence to our operations
    • She is a citizen of the world and has a thirst for interaction, understanding and learning from different cultures


    Lisa Mangelsdorf

    Online Community Connector Australia

    • Lisa connects the world of business professionals with Generation Y to spark dialogue and engagement via our Gen Y gateway generationy.com
    • She has 10 years experience in leveraging (virtual) networks to understand clients' needs and is brilliant at turning ideas into media buzz
    • In spite of sharing the same surname, Martina and Lisa are not related but it was their surname that connected them in the first place!


      Nancy Nessel

      Research Mastermind
      United States

      • Nancy has keen behavioral insight and generational foresight, fueling her interest in different generations and their unique preferences
      • She is a progressive thought-leader and intelligent blogger about Generation Z, the next generation following Gen Y
      • Managing a career in consumer marketing plus two Gen Z kids of her own, Nancy is one of the premiere marketers to study and promote this "digital generation" of future talent


      Jonathan Besser

      End-To-End Learning Explorer
      United Kingdom

      • Jonathan is a generalist whose approach is summed up as the 4 D’s of Leadership Development – Diagnostics, Design, Development and Delivery
      • Always willing to ask that next question to get to the heart of why you think or want something
      • Jonathan lives in the United Kingdom with his young family, constantly learning and discovering new aspects about himself and others

      If you want to learn more about GAIA Insights, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!