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Let’s be honest, the world has always been an uncertain place, but now we cannot escape that truth. I don’t need to tell you that the world has changed, fast. And in ways we could not have imagined.

Recently GAIA Insights hosted a webinar with our fabulous guests, Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins, co-authors of the book
“Regenerative Leadership: The DNA of life-affirming 21st century organizations”.

All of us use language as we navigate our daily lives, whether at work, when parenting, socializing and more. Some of us speak as leaders and some even speak to large audiences professionally.

Recently, we had the privilege of witnessing another transformational week in the lives of the leaders we are developing, which in turn, transformed us, as well...

Yes folks, the Happy New Year’s (HNY) resolution season is fully upon us, a time for change and creating those new healthy habits you've been meaning to do...

Many of the most important gifts we receive in life come at a cost, or more importantly, we do not even recognize them as gifts until later.