Aurélie Salvaire

Inclusive Leadership Advocate

Aurélie was born in a small village in the French Pyrenees, where she longed for greater horizons. After completing her studies, she quickly crossed the border and defined Barcelona as her harbor - for its militant past, its quality of life and its community feeling. Like the swallows she often takes off, but always comes back.

Aurélie is a Libra, an air sign keen on freedom and justice, on balancing power and questioning authority. She considers herself to have had many lives - consultant, humanitarian worker, social entrepreneur…and will probably have many more to come.

As a feminist, Aurélie is passionate about boosting the voice and visibility of women all around the world, which she does through storytelling workshops and webinars, power boot camps and coaching sessions.

In her spare time she loves to ski, dive, read, write, sing, do improvisation theater, and discover new horizons of course!

Curious fact #1

Aurélie spent a large amount of time in Pakistan where she made a documentary on masculinity and published books with the support of local designers and a book about 40 inspiring Pakistani women.

Curious fact #2

Aurélie just really loves to travel and has explored more than 110 countries in the world! Her goal is to visit all countries during her lifetime. Meanwhile, Barcelona is the place where she loves to rest.