Axel Zahlut

Analytic Master of Idealism

‘We did not inherit the world from the previous generation, but borrowed it from the next one.’ Axel describes himself as a bold idealist trying to make a difference. His contagious drive for excellence has even become stronger once his daughter was born and his desire grew to leave a better world behind.

Never losing focus on the overall goal, he takes pride in successfully connecting the dots and being at GAIA Insights after working nine years for the Federal Ministry of Education in Austria, is an expression of that. Managing educational projects funded by the European Commission, he traveled across Europe to study various educational systems and these experiences are expressed in his blog. He believes that great work is being done if the results are sustainable. If you tell him that something cannot be done, he is going to prove you wrong.

Axel takes his inspiration from everything he either reads, watches or from people he comes across. He is living a healthy lifestyle, watching carefully his nutrition and working out several times a week. That way, he can maintain a high performance level and clear his mind for new ideas, which greatly benefits his work.


Curious fact #1

Working precisely and to high standards, correlates with Axel being a watch aficionado, very much interested in haute horology. Both the beautiful outside as well as precision on the inside make for a smooth result.

Curious fact #2

Music is an important part of his life as he plays guitar and his wife is a pianist and teaches kids in a music school. And as if that wasn’t enough, her name is the title of his favorite song by his favorite guitarist.