Eddie Lynch

Coaching Enthusiast

From Dublin to Istanbul, via England and India. Irishman Eddie’s working life has taken him from his homeland of Ireland to career postings in the UK, India and Turkey, plus travel to nearly 30 other countries. His professional career, spanning over 25 years in general management, business strategy and production positions, has included senior business development roles for an internationally renowned whiskey brand and a global jewellery company.

During this time Eddie learned how corporate systems work but it’s Eddie’s ability to read people, to go beyond facades and find profound inner strengths which makes him so skilled as a mentor and coach. His passion is in helping clients discover their potential by awakening and releasing hidden genius that lies inside them, allowing them to be their authentic selves. He believes that the awareness of this genius can have a super-positive transformational effect, not only on the individual, but on their organizations and on those with whom they interact in any aspect of their lives. Quick to engage and gain trust with clients at all levels and cultures, he has a naturally caring communication style that builds the rapport necessary to deliver win-win solutions for clients and sponsors alike.

Eddie feels strongly connected to history and especially to people of all walks of life whose stories reflect the values that he believes are so important and needed in today’s challenging world. His heroes are those who have created lasting positive change for others through their selflessness, courage, curiosity and authenticity. When the need for peace and mindfulness beckons, Eddie heads to a quiet site of historical significance where he will simply sit and feel at one with the past.

Curious fact #1

Eddie has lived in Istanbul since 1996 and speaks what his local friends describe as
Tarzan Turkish.

Curious fact #2

Eddie is a bit of a dog-whisperer. He and his Malamut dog Colleen are regularly joined by several street dogs on their walks in the city.