Genevieve Harrington

Corporate Talent Grower

After a lifetime of moving across countries and continents, Genevieve now resides in an quintessentially English town that provides a completely different kind of cultural existence after years living in places as diverse as Bermuda, New Zealand, Israel and Italy.

Genevieve has worked for two of the world’s most prestigious motorcar marques, but she’s certainly no petrol-head. In a marketing career for both Mercedes and Bentley, Genevieve was able to demonstrate her gift for promotion, events management and securing sponsorship. She developed her skills as Executive Assistant for an international energy company, learning to negotiate tiers of management and miles of red tape. Genevieve has learned a huge amount from the high expectation culture generated by highly competitive and even cut-throat corporations. She counters that by being a calm person, someone who’s not easily phased by status or seniority.

Genevieve has achieved a deeper state of inner calm as a relatively recent convert to the wonderful world of gardening. She marvels that she has become a person who cares so much about hydrangeas and marigolds. She admires art, making regular trips to London’s superb galleries, and as an avid reader has a particular penchant for literature with dark, futuristic themes.

Curious fact #1

It wasn’t until 2008 that Genevieve lived in a proper house. Previously she always lived in tiny apartments. She has been amazed at how much having a garden has changed her life for the better.

Curious fact #2

As a dedicated style guru, Genevieve has an entire room devoted to her designer and vintage couture collection, and over 200 pairs of shoes to model with pride on her teeny weeny fashionable feet.

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