Jennifer Tarjanyi

Altruistic Adventurer

Jennifer was just 21 when she attended an induction day in a bank and told the trainer “I want your job”. Far from being threatened, this woman taught Jennifer everything she needed to learn to step into her first learning and development role, the pair became life-long friends and the rest is history. Or is it?

Over the next 12 years, whilst building her career in a range of businesses, Jennifer became increasingly fascinated by what makes people tick, “sneaking” psychology and her passion for personal development into her training material and spending numerous hours developing people one on one. Sometimes at work, sometimes at bus stops. It seemed that people naturally wanted to open up to Jennifer and share their stories.

After a period of disillusionment professionally and with the state of the world, Jennifer took some time out to walk El Camino de Santiago. Having never hiked a day in her life, she says that sometimes you just have to listen to your inner voice. During this time of self-discovery, connection with the Earth, other people from around the world and quite no small amount of vino tinto she came to the conclusion that although learning and leadership development would always be her first love and super power, now the work had to be meaningful. But where to find such a role? Approximately a year and a few other adventures later, she was drawn to the “dream job she never knew existed” with GAIA Insights.

Jennifer has a strong connection to her Hungarian roots and as such, works with a number of refugee and food poverty organizations. She says her family are testament to the fact that you should never underestimate what a person or group of people can do - given a chance.

Curious fact #1

Jennifer lives by the principals of Burning Man - “radical inclusion, radical self-expression, leave no trace” - and believes living by these principals will make a more compassionate, sustainable future for our planet.


Curious fact #2

Jennifer buys a Christmas decoration everywhere she goes. She has a particular fondness for the traditional, handmade folk styles. Her Christmas tree certainly tells a lot of stories about her travels and adventures!