Lisa Mangelsdorf

Lisa Mangelsdorf

Social Influencer

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Lisa is the furthest flung member of the GAIA Insights core team. Lisa shares a surname but no family connection with GAIA Insight’s founder Martina (even though it was their surname that connected them in the first place). Geography means Lisa doesn't see her GAIA Insights colleagues in person very much, yet she feels part of the team despite the distance and stays connected.

With a career spanning marketing, business development and event management, Lisa is a person who knows how to get good stuff started and solve problems. She brings industry experience from tertiary education, the arts, medical training and aviation to her work for GAIA Insights, and thrives on the company’s alternative approach to marketing, which is all about building good relationships. Indeed, making connections is in Lisa’s DNA, she can make best friends with someone sitting next to her on a plane or train.

Although the majority of Lisa’s working life is spent indoors, as much personal time as possible is spent outside. She can be found on the ski slopes most winter weekends, and in a tent or a boat at other times. Outdoor and sporting activities are supported by the contents of a jam-packed garden shed which contains everything from fishing rods and skis to kayaks, canoes, bikes and tennis rackets. Lisa's family wish she wore a GPS tracker so they could try keep track of her passion for travel and her community.

Curious fact #1

Lisa likes dancing - Bollywood style. She cuts quite a rug to the Ram Jam band’s classic song 'Black Betty'.

Curious fact #2

Guests invited to a birthday party for Lisa’s partner were surprised when it turned out the celebration was actually the couple’s wedding!