Moussoulimi Issa-Touré

Lord of the Numbers

Moussoulimi was born in Togo where he spent most of his childhood. Since 2004, he has been living in Switzerland, where he earned a Master's degree in Business and Economics. Prior to that, he spent three years in Germany where he learned German. In addition, he speaks English, French and few Togolese dialects.  

Moussoulimi gained experience in the engineering and retail industries and held various positions in finance, controlling, sales and customer service. Discovering a keen interest in the development of sustainable leadership has prompted him to join GAIA Insights. He is particularly enthusiastic about our network-based approach and how we work with people from all over the world, while still feeling closely connected via our virtual infrastructure.

In parallel to his professional life, Moussoulimi enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He likes cooking with friends and hiking in the mountains.

Curious fact #1

Every year, Moussoulimi visits his big family in Togo and works with two local associations to help children get a better education.

Curious fact #2

His secret passion is agriculture: In Togo, he works with farmers and he'd like to devote more time to agriculture when he retires.