Philippe Aboubadra

Change Catalyst

Philippe is a dual culture person, shuttling between his native Lebanon and France. With an attraction for both the creative output and business management, he has a career in advertising in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This has given him the experience of complex business environment while navigating across cultures to achieve impactful campaigns and manage business units.

His focus evolved from growing brands toward developing people, to give them the capacity to put their potential at the service of their vision. He moved into leadership development and coaching, with a focus on international assignments and complex leadership challenges. He joined GAIA Insights with the willingness to create a positive impact towards making the world a better place, and the development journey moving and enjoyable!


Curious facts #1

Philippe practices rowing as his hobby: it is the only sports where you get to the target while turning your back to where you’re heading, trusting your experience, training and instinct.

Curious facts #2

Philippe enjoys to spend time with friends, making memories, and he firmly believes that good moments with friends are better with a table of Lebanese mezze!