Sabine Wieger

Sabine Wieger

Key Account Champion

Energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and empathic - just some of the personal qualities Austrian-born Sabine loves to share with the people she works with. As someone who has seen for herself the transformative effect of GAIA Insights’ programs, it is fair to say that Sabine is fully committed to the cause.

Sabine's background in sales and business development provides her with a unique insight to corporate systems and processes which, combined with her skills as a mentor and coach, encourages long-lasting positive change for the people who pass through development programs with her.

Sabine is dedicated to lifelong learning and usually has at least three self-development books on her bedside cabinet. She is a real internationalist who uses frequent travel to deepen her own understanding of how cultures and humans work. Sabine clears her mind with yoga and running, and draws positive energy from time spent with family and friends.

Curious fact #1

Sabine’s second home is New York City where she lived several years and started her coaching career. She loves the open mindset toward different cultures in the city that never sleeps and goes back as often as possible.

Curious fact #2

Sabine believes that the right things, experiences and people always come into her life at the right time and it has always happened that way. She says, there are no coincidences in life.